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The professional figures that move within the Regulatory Affairs area are mainly concerned with supervising the authorization procedures for the marketing of the products of chemical companies. The Regulatory Affairs sector stems from the desire of government bodies to protect public health, monitoring the safety and efficacy of chemical industry products. On the other hand, the companies responsible for research and production of drugs, veterinary products, pesticides, parapharmaceuticals and cosmetics want their products to be in line with current safety regulations, and rely on an internal department or on expert consultants in Regulatory Affairs.
Cosmetic Consulting:
  • Evaluation of the safety of the cosmetic product
  • Toxicological profile of substances (toxicological data)
  • PIF processing
  • Control, revision and standardization of the labels
  • Regulatory and formative advice
  • Notification of products to the CPNP, registration to the European portal
  • Cosmetics import and customs clearance
  • Export of Extra EU cosmetics and CLV release
  • Safety Data Sheet – Safety data sheet
  • ISS notification

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