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Process of personal datas


Via Bruno Slongo, 15 – 30173 VENEZIA – ITALY
VAT Number: IT04203260270

is the owner of the processing of personal data collected on this site. Reg UE 679/2016 (GDPR).

GLOBAL COSMETIC CONSULTING devotes the utmost attention for protect the processing of personal data and we inform you about the modality and finality of the collection of personal data in accordance with art. 13 of GDPR.

Finality and legal bases of treatment

Datas and Cookies that we received, will be processed by GLOBAL COSMETICS CONSULTING to provide the services you have requested and other finality with your consent. None of the collected data is communicated or disseminated with third part. Only with your consent we can use your datas for statistical analysis (Google Analytics), promotional activities with social media or with the send of commrcial information.

Categories of personal data processed by holder of the treatment

To be able to offert to you the services expected by, as the holder the treatment, must treat some personal datas. This data can be provided explicitly or implicitly from services that you have used. GLOBAL COSMETICS CONSULTING deals the following categories of personal data of users:

Technical navigation data about IP adress, identification codes of the devices that the user ave use for fruition of the web site, browser features and access times to the web site.

Navigation data aimed at statistics; are indirectly provided by the user and used for recover anonymous statistics to check trend of the web site

Identification data, provided optionally by the user (name, surname, e-mail adress…) for the purchase of our services

Dissemination, communication and subjects that can access to the data

Your personal data will not be widespread, but they can be communicated for the provision of the service whith some third subject (supplier, postal couriers, hosting provider…)

Transfer of data abroad

The personal datas are processing by GLOBAL COSMETICS CONSULTING within the territory of the European Union. if is necessary to operate outside UE, the processing of personal data is regulated by the V part of the regulation and authorised by UE.

Duration of processing and storage of personal data

GLOBAL COSMETICS CONSULTING in according with Art. 5.1 e) of GDPR, will process the collected data for the duration of the services provided + 6 months after.

Rights of the interested subjects

Rights foreseen by the art. 12 of the GDPR:

know if the holder has your personal datas.

you have the right to rectify your incorrect personal datas or correct the incomplete ones (Art. 16).

you have the right at cancellation of your personal datas if the reason is one of the point provided by GDPR (Art. 17).

you have the right to limit the use of your personal datas, datas if the reason is one of the point provided by GDPR (Art. 18).

you have the right to receive a copy of the data (Art. 20)

you have the right to oppose the finality of the use your personal datas for sending of advertising material or market research

you have the right to oppose to automatically process of your personal datas.


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Cookies managed by GLOBAL COSMETICS CONSULTING have a maximum duration of 6 months. The cookies for the statistics managed by GLOBAL COSMETICS CONSULTING are anonymous and remain within the statistical systems for exclusive statistical purposes even if they can not be traced back to your browser.

Cookies managed by third parties, have the durations indicated in the respective Cookie Policy.

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