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The United Kingdom, as a result of BREXIT, is no longer part of Europe.

From 1 January 2021, Europe and Great Britain are two separate entities with their own regulations.

From this date, Great Britain is seen as a non-EU country like China, India, Russia, Brazil, USA, Canada and so on.

Therefore, cosmetics entering Europe are subject to EC Regulation 1223/2009 which obliges to have a Responsible Person in Italy or in one of the other 25 European states.

Companies that place cosmetic products in Europe will no longer be able to use a responsible person located in the UK to place a product on the EU market.

Companies with a UK-based authorised representative will need to establish a new authorised representative in an EU country if they want an authorised representative to carry out tasks for them within the EU.

Our company is already up to date on the legislation and is already giving the necessary advice to companies in the UK that must continue to sell their products in Europe.

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