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The company management and the coordination of all the activities could be a long and error-prone operation. CHEMILAB SUITE is the collection of cosmetic software leader in Italy.

The suite takes care of all the processing phases:

  • Production
  • Warehouse
  • Sales
  • Administration
  • Legislation

The management of these elements quickly and accurately, but above all automated, significantly increases company performance, saving time and money. So is essential have all the means available to work at its best. The cosmetic software of CHEMILAB SUITE guarantees savings, organization, precision and safety.

CHEMILAB SUITE cosmetic software




CHEMILAB R&D is the most requested software for the drafting and processing of the P.I.F. (Product Information File) in a simple, precise and fast way. CHEMILAB R&D allows the user to save hours of time in the drafting of new cosmetic dossiers, allowing staff to devote themselves mainly to the important activities of the company and leaving the program to automatically process their P.I.F.

In 5 minutes your P.I.F. is ready in all its parts, signed and protected from abuse.

CHEMILAB R&D allows the realization of its P.I.F. in full accordance with EC Regulation 1223/2009 and subsequent amendments or new regulatory provisions.

Developed and tested to be among the best performing and most powerful programs in the highly safe cosmetic sector for processing P.I.F.

CHEMILAB R&D helps you in a few steps to independently draft your P.I.F. and your customers.

The management program is available in the following languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese.





CHEMILAB BUSINESS is the software suitable for companies that need to completely computerize their production.

From the management of orders to the supplier, to the management of the advanced, complete and automated warehouse (loading and unloading), passing through the realization of its products, with a precise management of production and the R&D phase, to finish with the preparation of the inventory automatic end-of-year of raw materials, packaging and finished products.

CHEMILAB BUSINESS was created for all those companies that mainly carry out a chemical-commodity activity where company life begins with the purchase of raw materials and containers from suppliers, is carried out through the composition and physical transformation of the products acquired and ends with the sale of the finished or semi-finished product to the customer.




The functions of CHEMILAB MOBILE allow you to manage your work processes in a totally new and revolutionary way. Its safety and reliability, but above all its intuitive use, make this software a tool suitable for all the realities of the cosmetic world. CHEMILAB MOBILE changes the organizational flow of cosmetic companies creating a fast and dynamic work network.

For the first time in Italy, the software connected to your cosmetic management. Smartphones and tablets are always connected and updated to your company data wherever you are and at any time of the day.

Company information such as your formulas, INCI and Cosing restrictions, telephone numbers of customers and suppliers, and many other data, will always be with you and can be consulted in real time.

You can consult any information while traveling, at the bar or restaurant, sitting on the sofa at home, wherever you think.


Cosmetic management application

Cosmetic management application



IFRA: International Fragrance Association. We can define it as a standard to regulate the use of fragrances. In fact, it determines the maximum amount of use of a fragrance within a finished cosmetic product.

The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) together with the IFRA Scientific Committee, have defined different categories of finished products and for each of these categories a maximum quantity limit to be used for the final product to be safe.

CHEMILAB IFRA will allow you to calculate precisely and accurately the limits of use of the fragrance you created, within the different categories of cosmetic products.

Thanks to this management software, developed by PIF ITALIA, it is possible to check the presence of the substances that make up your fragrance in the IFRA standards database, to determine the maximum limit of use of the fragrance for each product category and to develop a certificate in accordance with the law.



  • Category 1: Products to be applied to the lips.
  • Category 2: Products to be applied to the armpit.
  • Category 3: Products to be applied to the face with the fingertips.
  • Category 4: Products related to fine fragrance.
  • Category 5a: Body lotion products applied to the body with the hands (palms), mainly without rinsing.
  • Category 5b: Face moisturizers applied to the face with the hands (palms), mainly without rinsing.
  • Category 5c: Hand cream products applied with the hands (palms), mainly without rinsing.

  • Category 5d: Baby creams, baby oils and baby talcum powder.
  • Category 6: Products with oral and lip exposure.
  • Category 7a: Rinsing products applied on the hair with some hand contact.
  • Category 7b: Rinse-free products applied on the hair with some hand contact.
  • Category 8: Products with significant anogenital exposure.
  • Category 9: Products with body and hand exposure, mainly rinse.
  • Category 10a: Home care, excluding aerosols (excluding aerosols / sprays).
  • Category 10b: Aerosol / spray for home use
  • Category 11a: Products with expected skin contact but minimal transfer of fragrance to skin from inert substrate without exposure to UV rays.
  • Category 11b: Products with expected skin contact but minimal transfer of fragrance to skin from inert substrate with potential exposure to UV rays.

Category 12: Products not intended for direct contact with the skin, minimal or insignificant transfer to the skin.




CHEMILAB MSDS will allow you to correctly and quickly process the Safety Data Sheets of your cosmetic products.

The Safety Data Sheet is a document that collects the report of the characteristics and all the potential dangers of a cosmetic product. The document aims to protect consumers by demonstrating the safety of the cosmetic.

The software for creating safety data sheets is a set of functions that give the possibility to:


  • Recording of the model phrases to be used in the compilation of the safety data sheet
  • Survey the categories of products
  • Surveying the areas of use of products
  • Surveying the GHS hazards
  • Survey GHS hazard categories
  • Surveying GHS hazard classes
  • Census GHS hazard phrases
  • Census GHS hazard prudence phrases
  • Censor GHS hazard label phrases
  • Survey GHS hazard statements
  • Preparation of the card
  • Fill in the Safety Data Sheet according to Regulation 830/2015
  • Print Labels to be stamped to bulk (via Labeljoy)

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